Friday, November 22, 2013

Anne Marie Trechslin: Roses of yesterday, sweet and fragrant...

We picked up a big box of vintage Christmas decorations at an auction recently, and one of the items in it was this pretty decorative plate I listed on etsy just a couple days ago.

It's barely vintage - dated 1992 - and none of the other items in the box were that new by a long shot, so it really jumped out right away. I started to set it aside to look at later, but then the beautifully detailed basket of poinsettias, wild roses, holly and mistletoe caught my eye.
I've always loved beautiful flowers in art - ask any of my family members how difficult it is to get me to walk by a floral still life at a yard sale or flea market without stopping to look, and how often my "I'm just gonna look, okay?" has turned into :::sigh::: another bag to carry. As a teen, I almost had to be forcibly removed from the Monet rooms in the National Gallery at closing time more than once, and I should probably take this opportunity to apologize again, all these years later, to those security guards who probably hadn't read about Claudia and Jamie as often as I had.

The back of the plate told me that it was designed by Anne Marie Trechslin, so a-binging I went, and became not only intrigued but enchanted. Trechslin was born in 1927 in Italy, and studied art in France, Italy, Germany, and England. She became famous internationally for her stunningly beautiful and completely realistic paintings of flowers, especially roses. She died in 2007, but she did some truly amazing things during the course of her life - well worth a read on wiki for those who'd like to know more. Interestingly enough, I couldn't find any photographic images of Trechslin herself - if you come across any, I'd love to see them.

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CJ & Kay

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