Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dragonfly delights, RAOKs and piggy snuggles

While it’s true that we do what we do to pay the bills, I love it all.  Every bit of it.  No kidding.  Even the dirty sweaty crabby occasionally disgusting bits, and if you happen to sell vintage items for a living too, you know exactly what I mean.

It’s also true that my favorite part of what we do is the stories.

No matter its history, each item we sell is in the middle of its story, and for a moment in time, until someone else buys it and the item and its story moves on, we become part of that story. 

If you sell vintage for a living too, you’ll know that I use the word “moment” with poetic license for “however long it takes to sell, including and up to forever.”  In which case we become a more permanent part of its story, and that’s almost always more than okay with both of us.

Recently, at a local estate sale, Kay spotted this piece of art pottery from across the room.

It was crowded in that room, and I hadn't seen the piece yet.  Stop judging me - I was a little preoccupied with the vintage set of six Padilla mugs on their wooden tree stand I was clutching to my chest, okay?  When I saw Kay's sudden near-sprint, I knew she’d found something wonderful.  The woman definitely has The Eye.

Still waiting on that dusty Picasso sketch, but take a good look at what she had  found.

She got there first, and it was ours.  Briefly.

We took it home, cleaned it up, took photos, and listed it.

If you're wondering about that gorgeous rock behind the dragonfly piece - it's actually a hunk of petrified wood which you can take a closer look at here.

The dragonfly piece sold quickly, not even a month after listing it.

Kay wrapped it with the tender loving care she gives every single thing we ship, from air plant crystal rock gardens to antique glass to delicately fragile vintage jewelry, and we sent it on its way, entrusting it with only the faintest of heart palpitations to the care of the USPS.  So I worry, so what?

Usually that’s the end of our part of the story, and just like when I finish reading a good book, I feel a twinge of sadness - I always want just one more chapter, you know? But sometimes, now and then, we do get a peek into the next chapter, and that simply fills me with delight.  Like this time.  

Our customer wrote us when the dragonfly piece arrived to let us know that it was safe – a gesture for which I am always so grateful:

"I received this piece which is a thank you gift I will be sending to my sister after a visit to Texas. She has an outdoor dragonfly theme. This is a very charming little piece and I thank you! Arrived well wrapped and intact."

I wrote her back to thank her for letting us know.  This morning, two weeks later, there was more delight when she wrote to us again:

"My sister and brother in law absolutely loved this piece! They said it was too nice to put on the back deck and put it on the coffee table in the living room. My sister loves dragonflies so she was particularly taken with this piece. Again,thank you!"

Today, this customer is personally responsible for the early morning happydance I did at my computer, which startled Marceline and the other critters a bit…

…but honestly, is there any better way to start a day than by being the recipient of a random act of kindess and getting a peek at another chapter?

I think not.  Unless it's all that, plus piggy snuggles.

Feeling so very blessed!


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  1. I love love love this story :) and Yes I can so-o imagine it <3

    1. I know *you* can imagine it :) Marceline says: Bonjour, mon cher ami - je t'envoie beaucoup de baisers piggy ;)

  2. such a lovely blog post and it really exemplifies what the love of vintage things is all about. For me, being an artist who works with vintage items, it is all about the story and I'm so glad you feel the same way

    1. When I see your collage pieces I so look forward to your stories, to seeing how they match up with the ones my brain has already written for each piece on sight :D