Sunday, July 13, 2014

Digging at Hogg for Rose Quartz ... Kay speaks

I went to the Hogg Mine, located about 70 miles southwest of Atlanta just outside of LaGrange, Georgia, for the first time about six years ago.  I drove five long hours for a three day dig sponsored by MAGMA, or the Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association.  As soon as I got there, I set up camp and Mikey and I went directly to the biggest pit to dig.

The pit was deep and the pink quartz was everywhere shining like diamonds in the sunlight. I collected every piece of translucent pink I could find in a variety of sizes up to 15 pound chunks.  Each piece seemed to be more awesome than the last.  I could not stop myself.

By the end of that first day, I had five 5 gallon buckets full of nothing but pink.

The Hogg Mine is known worldwide as one of the best places to collect rose quartz in the US.  The colors of the rose quartz collected from Hogg range from very light pink to pale to deep pink.  It seems that the larger the piece, the pinker the specimen.

The rose quartz was easy to find because it was everywhere on the ground and in the pits. This was a very successful dig.

Once I got home with my load of rose quartz, I separated it by size, clarity, and color. I did a tumbled batch and slabbed a few larger chunks. I have seen this material faceted into some of the most beautiful dusty pink gemstones.  The cabochons created from this material will star just like a sapphire.

That big 15 pound chunk of rose quartz I collected? It sits by our garden for the fairies to enjoy.

You can find all of the rose quartz specimens that we currently have on etsy by clicking here - and here's a teaser, another piece of rose quartz that I collected at the Hogg Mine that day that we've turned into an air plant garden with the addition of a beautiful little tillandsia ...

I spent the next two days digging for other minerals, like aquamarine beryl, black tourmaline, and biolite, so stay tuned for more.

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  1. lovely, lovely! I really do like rocks a lot. My dad used to collect them himself but alas I didn't save his collection after he died. Keep rocking!

  2. I love this story ! Such a great adventure and Mickey looks like a good helper !

  3. I never stopped to think about the knowledge you would have in order to recognize the gems in raw form, let alone the work you have to go to be for making them beautiful. Enjoyed this informative post. And Mikey is a doll.