Friday, December 5, 2014

Kitschy Christmas Stuff You Won't See in our Shop

We find all kinds of amazing vintage Christmas items in our constant search for treasure for our vintage shop on etsy.  Here's a look at a piece you won't find there.  

This is a single ceramic bookend from the 1960s that was in a box lot of stuff we picked up recently at a local auction.  Let the creepiness wash over you slowly.  Shudder as you try to envision what the other one must've looked like.

Yes, that's an elf clown on it - an androgynous-in-a-super-creepy-way elf clown with Gloria Swanson's Sunset Boulevard makeup, a terrifying spit curl, *and* a huge package, who is posing in a horrifyingly come-hither way.


The horror.

So far out there on the Creepy McCreeperson scale that when I left it in the kitchen after cleaning it, and my daughter found it there late that night after she got home from work like it was waiting for her, she was inspired (albeit in a horrified sort of way) to leave the post-it note you see below.  She left it just like this so that I found it early the next morning, in front of the coffee maker.  

And now, of course, the game is on.

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