Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Walking in our woods, late October

One of the cool science-y peeps at treehugger published a list called "The 13 most bizarre mushrooms" a couple of years ago, with awesome photos of said bizarre fungi - and look what we found in an early morning ramble in our own woods a couple of days ago, looking for all the world like a tribble gone wild. I think it's a lion's mane mushroom, also known as a hedgehog mushroom or a bearded tooth mushroom. Not sure enough that that's what it is to eat it, but isn't it awesome?

More shots of it. Honestly, I was a bit creeped out. I kept halfway expecting alien worm creatures to jump on me and invade my orifices, but that didn't happen because I was too damn scared to get close to it wisely kept a bit of a distance.

Does it look a bit like a creepy dog to you? Or a creepy monkey? Holding on to that vine that's growing up the tree with its creepy little dog monkey hands, and staring at me? 

.... Yeah.

Maybe. Just a bit. 

I'm pretty sure it turned its head while we were looking at it.

I wonder what took that big bite out of it - something standing on its back legs, something tall...

I took a couple of pictures of some goldenrod that's still blooming, and didn't realize there was a cool gray spider hanging on to one of the flower clusters for dear life until I got really close. Do you see her?

Let me make it easier for you...

I love these miniature morning glory-like blooms - shades of pink and purple, trying to hide in the green grasses and brown leaves, in complete denial about the impending cold weather ...

That pretty bright red fruit cap that's left behind reminds me of a holiday ornament - up close it almost looks like it's made of sequins, as though a fairy is airing out her favorite red dress.

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Bright blessings,
CJ and Kay


  1. Fuzzy things always make me think of the bad guys in Popeye cartoons, maybe your mushroom escaped from that island they seemed to hang out on! Glad to see you back to posting!

  2. Thanks for the stroll and the mush room thingy, but you could have kept the spider. Are you tow doing ok?
    Are the treatments over? Have you been blogging and I missed it. I don't get on facebook much, Guess i'll have to go back.